01 – 10 june 2019 (9 Stages)

04 – 10 june 2019 (7 Stages)


A rally of sporting regularity where both driving, and navigation will play a predominant role on a beautiful and challenging route.
One of the special features of this GT and Classic tour is the pleasure of driving on an exceptional road network.
The selected itinerary will offer a clever mix of mountainous roads, seaside and large desert expanses with breathtaking views..
The MRR selects the very best in hotels and gastronomy.
He determines his choice according to what is most luxurious and best, but also according to its originality, an exceptional moment, a breathtaking view
or a special welcome…
The MRR also negotiates “exclusivities” like:

  • Dinners with local personalities,
  • Meetings of local collectors,
  • Openings of private places,
  • Privileged visits to castles, museums and other cultural treasures.

It is the element that differentiates us most from other providers….
Another specificity of the MRR: unlike most regularity rally, the time allowed is counted as accurately as possible, to the great pleasure of the drivers..
Each stop is therefore penalizing for crews who are also subject to speed limits imposed by the highway code.
Between two regularity events, the routes have been designed to give competitors a little more time to relax and enjoy lunch breaks in the middle of sumptuous landscapes, beautiful beaches and luxurious accommodation.

only one LEITMOTIV: the passion for beautiful itineraries through Europe and Africa, coupled with a furious desire to share our discoveries and our favorites over the kilometers.

This event designed for lovers of beautiful cars and motor sports has been entirely conceived by our trio of enthusiasts.
The Monkey Rally Run therefore brings together all our values.
We want to share with your friendship, friendliness, tenacity, sportsmanship and tolerance and add a dose of elegance and glamour in all simplicity.
It is never about speed but always about the art of living and car passion.

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